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BaRaN Systems is a leader in providing quality control software and add-ins for Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and Microsoft Outlook. Founded in 1991, the company provides consulting, specialized software development and Statistical analysis.

BaRaN Systems is a leader in providing quality control software which has been instrumental in helping many of the Fortune 500 companies implement quality control on a world-wide scale.  The majority of quality control experts are utilizing spreadsheet programs to enter, analyze, and visualize their day to day data. 

BaRaN Systems is committed to provide the best quality control programs within spreadsheets. The following products are available from us online:

Product Name Description
 Advanced Calendar for Excel TM

 Use data stored in text file to generate calendar

 Advanced SQC for Excel TM

 Generate SQC charts + PCA + Multivariate SQC + ...

 Affinity Diagram for Excel TM

 Generate Affinity Diagram Charts

 Calendar for Excel TM

 Generate verities of calendar, day planers, ...

 Outlook Organizer for Excel TM

 Organize outlook emails

 Project for Excel TM

 Create PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique), CPM (Critical Path Method ) and GANTT charts

 Root-Cause Analysis for Excel TM (1)

 Is being developed

 SQC for Access TM

 Generate SQC charts in MS Access (Build your database)

 SQC for Excel TM

 Generate SQC charts

Note (1): These products are only available as demos for Beta testing. 

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